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Mrs. Yael Kaisman
Discovering what makes you tick, mastering self-honesty, gaining self-confidence
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Rabbi Avrohom Snyder
Insights, depth, and life lessons
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Open Shiur
A different inspirational and enlightening shiur/speaker each week. To be announced in advance.
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Rotating Poskim
Practical daily halachos for women: kashrus, help at home etc
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Mrs. Reena Marton
Appreciating its goals, fulfilling its purpose, reigniting its spark
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Mrs. Dina Storch
Experiencing the beauty and majesty of Shabbos tefillos through music: for ourselves, our children, our students.
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Mrs. Chana Rochel Twerski
Navigating your personal Journey of Life
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Mrs. Tehilla Gailer
Recognizing your strengths, identifying your struggles; Mussar insights as a system for growth and improvement
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Mrs. Sarah Massry
Includes expressive writing, creative writing, writing for publications, writing for children, writing for yourself (Journal writing and benefits)
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Rabbi Sadya Grama
Based on Parsha and Moadim
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Mrs. Esti Hirschfeld
Based on Rebbetzin Spetner's program; trained and endorsed by Reb. Spetner.
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Mrs. Sarala Hershkowitz
Music and movement while bonding with your child.
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Mrs. Bella Weinreb
The power of an Aim B'Yisrael
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