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WINGS was founded in recognition of the void that many women feel despite living very fulfilling lives: the need for a resource of growth and inspiration geared specifically towards Jewish women. WINGS is dedicated to fill this gap and provide growth opportunities through a broad array of shiurim and classes presented by outstanding and noted figures who represent the classic and uncompromised Torah values of our community. WINGS is likewise committed to enhancing this experience by providing an inviting, relaxing, and friendly environment.


WINGS was conceived and founded by Rabbi Shmuel Chaim Weisberg. As a husband and father who is also a dedicated Ben Torah and behind-the-scenes askan with a finger on the pulse of tzorchei tzibbur, Rabbi Weisberg recognized the need for a comprehensive resource for women. Between raising children, packing lunches, rushing to work, shopping, cooking, and even chesed activities, life can be very hectic. It’s easy for women to get caught up with the details of the daily grind and lose sight of life’s focus: who we are and why we do all this. WINGS offers a comfortable and relaxing environment and a host of amenities with a broad array of shiurim, workshops, informal discussion groups, and courses to help women elevate their ruchniyus to satisfy a variety of needs and interests.

WINGS is enthusiastically endorsed and encouraged by a broad spectrum of rabbonim and mechanchos.

who it's for

WINGS was designed to address the interests and needs of all ages and stages. Whether you’re raising children, a newlywed, a senior, or post-seminary, WINGS has the ideal offering for you. Regardless if you are working, retired, or an at-home mom, programming is designed with flexibility and sensitivity to accommodate different schedules.

Significantly, WINGS presenters are very accessible, allowing the opportunity to forge a relationship with a mentor of your choice.


WINGS was designed to provide a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and relaxing environment. In addition to lecture rooms, WINGS features these amenities:

  • Spacious and comfortable lounge area
  • Well-stocked Jewish library
  • Fresh hot coffee station
  • Refreshments, drinks, and light meals
  • Stylish, privacy-enhanced dining area
  • State-of-the-art computer kiosk with Otzar Hachochma
  • Ample well-lit parking lot
  • On-site AM babysitting services available

WINGS is centrally located in the Wine on the Nine shopping plaza at 6531 U.S. 9, Howell, NJ 07731.

how it works

Because different people have different needs, WINGS offers different options for participation.

Basic Membership

$35 monthly fee. Free admission to all regular classes; reduced rates to other courses/series. Free use of all amenities, library, computers. Magnetic ID card/library card for easy entry/access, and call in to the classes is available.


For women who can only attend occasionally, admission for classes is $10 per class; prices for other courses are indicated at each course.

Upgraded Membership

Enhanced membership packages offer additional perks like free guest passes, free participation in certain special events, and free babysitting; please inquire for details.


Rabbi Shmuel Chaim Weisberg

Founder and President

Mrs. Esther Rubinfeld

Executive Director

Mrs. Leah Lustiger

Program Coordinator

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