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Take a break from the daily grind, come up for air, and reconnect: to engage your mind in something meaningful, stimulating, and satisfying while enjoying the company of like-minded women.



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Recharge your spiritual batteries; become an even better person, wife, mother or grandmother. Discover the depth and beauty of Shabbos; deal with challenges successfully; explore Pirkei Avos; develop hidden talents; forge new relationships and network with others.

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Some of our Features

Broad Variety of Classes & Courses

A wide array of shiurim, workshops, & informal discussion groups: Interesting, inspirational, practical, & life-enhancing

Dynamic and Engaging Speakers

A diverse selection of popular speakers including rabbonim, mechanchos, specialists, and motivational speakers

Computers, Otzar HaChochma & Library

Five computer stations with filtered Internet access and a large library with a huge range of topics available to borrow
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Wings Raised