The Share Led by Nechama Avigayil Brailofsky


Tuesdays 1-2 pm: Beginning Oct 31

“ I can’t go a week without it. The emuna that I walk away with from the circle stays with me all week
“ these teachings are like fireworks for the soul. It lights up my home , my week , my soul”
“ I am a different woman since I’ve attended The Share. I view the world differently. Everything has a deeper message for me”
“My best friends are my shiur friends”
“The bond we formed as we share real raw truths in our self growth is forever”

Free for wings of dove raisers $599 a year. Free for wings of eagle $999 a year

The share, a weekly experience led by Nechama Avigayil Brailofsky, is a circle of women who are boldly and courageously into self growth and self awareness.

The Share begins with an intellectually stimulating presentation based on teachings from our Chassidic masters, drawing from the level of Sod. Chassidus teaches us deep mystical secrets from the Zohar in a way that we can learn an apply it to our life. Nechama Avigayil May quote Rav Zylberberg, the Rachmastrivke Rebbe ztl, and drink from the Baal Shem Tov hakadosh and all his talmidim including Reb Nachman. Whether it’s from the Arizal, Reb Chaim Vital , or the Ramchal, Each gathering will have you thinking, transforming , crying and laughing. After the opening thought, women choose to share their perspective on the teachings relevance. And that’s where The Share’s power lies. bringing mystical truths into practical application.