Open New Worlds with Mrs Yael Kaisman’s Parshas Beraishis


Wednesdays 1-2 pm – Beginning Nov 8
Semester 1. Ten classes.
Preregistration required

Free for wings of eagle raisers $999 a year.

Text based weekly class with classic commentary in the Chumash from the Seforno and Midrash Rabba. We will delve into the relevance and the meaning of the Days of creation . You will Develop an understanding of Hashems guidebook given to us from the genesis of the world. We will learn sacred truths about our strengths and challenges as humans vis a vis the yetzer hora, and our sacred mission as women in this world.

Dynamic and down to earth, each class with Mrs Yael Kaisman will leave you thinking, laughing and changing. Join a group of women who appreciate learning from sources and are unafraid to confront the truths from the beginning of the world.